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SOSA MAZATLAN REAL ESTATE Own a piece of ParadisE!!
















1)      General information for each shareholder: (minimum TWO shareholders)

(1)   full legal name

(2)   nationality

(3)   date and place of birth

(4)   marital status

(5)   occupation

(6)   address in the United States or Canada

(7)   photocopy of current passport


2)      Corporate purpose of the company. This refers to the main activities to be performed by the organization. This is required so that the by-laws can be prepared correctly.



3)      Initial Capital Stock: (the minimum amount is $50,000.00 MN), and the percentage of shares for each stockholder. Also, the kind of   stock and the amount to be issued.



4)      Corporate address.



5)      Names and positions of the members of the Board of Directors of the Company, as well as the name of the commissioner (“spy”) for the corporation (We suggest that you appoint a Mexican Accountant as the commissioner) The corporation may have a Sole Administrator instead of the Board of Directors, if preferred.



6)      Five possible names for the corporation, listed in order of preference. If a Mexican Corporation already has the name you suggested the Foreign Affairs Ministry will then move too next name on your list. If all five names have been already used it will be necessary to submit a new list.



7)      Name and positions of the officers of the company and the powers to be vested in them.



The presence of least two shareholders will be required at the time of signing the deed of incorporation before the Mexican Notary Public.














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